October 2019 Newsletter

You can’t plant flowers if you haven’t botany.

Football. grilling. lawn care!

The weather is perfect for hanging outside. Cooler temperatures make DIY lawn projects enjoyable for the whole family! Freshen up your front porch or back deck with hanging baskets filled with pansies, violas, hellebores, ivy, and autumn ferns. Admire the colors and greenery all season long!

Show your lawn some appreciation this fall by fertilizing according to our schedule below.

S.O.D.= October and December

Have you fertilized your lawn this month? It’s never too late to follow our recommended fescue lawn care schedule.

O.ctober- Fertilize with a product high in Nitrogen and touch up any areas that may have missed seed.

D.ecember- Fertilize again with a product high in Nitrogen.

Make sure to apply fertilizer now and again in December. This is VERY important for fescue lawn success in our area.


Did you know?!

‘Mums’ is a nickname for ‘Chrysanthemums!’


Keep your mums blooming Longer with these 5 helpful tips:

  • Plant your mums in well-draining soil

  • Mums bloom the most in full-sun (6-8 hours of direct light)

  • Water your mums when the top inch of soil feels dry (approximately 1-3 times/week)

  • Deadhead your mums as the flowers expire to encourage new growth

  • Fertilize your mums with a product high in phosphorus, like Ferti-lome ‘Blooming and Rooting’ Soluble Plant Food 9-58-8 (N-P-K)