Landscape Consultation

Whether you’re new to gardening or an avid gardener, a landscape consultation is a great investment to see your vision come to life. 

We customize our landscaping services to meet your specific desires and goals.  We can help with design, installation, hardscape, and drainage issues. 

Having been in the business for 2 decades, Garden Supply has the knowledge and experience to help our customers reach their vision to beautify their landscape.

The cost of an on-site consultation is $165. If you choose to use our install services a $100 credit will be applied with a $500 minimum in labor. A consult entails:

  • Designer coming out spending up to an hour on-site

  • Pictures taken and rough sketches done on those pictures

  • From that point it depends on needs of the customer 

-If you would like a landscape installation, the designer can meet you at the garden center (different appt time), to review ideas, view plant suggestions, and provide and itemized estimate.

-If you’re only looking for ideas to install yourself, the designer can provide rough sketches and a plant list, if desired.

-If you’re looking for professional horticulture advice such as plant/tree identification, pruning advice, soil questions, or drainage issues a summary of the consult can be provided. 

Larger scale projects, such as extensive master plans will require additional design time which will be billed at $75/design hour.  Further details will be provided by your landscape designer.

Consults are available Monday – Friday.  Please check the calendar below for availability.  

Book a Landscape Consultation

Click on one of our talented landscape designers to view their availability. Next, select any time in red to book a landscape consultation with one of our team members at your home, business or another property.


The turnaround time for a drawing/estimate typically is within 7-10 business days (this can fluctuate depending on the time of year and the size of the project). 

To maximize your design hour, below are some things to think about before your appointment.

  1. What is the most crucial area of need in my landscape?

  2. Do I like formal or informal gardens?

  3. What are the lighting conditions – how much sun do I get during summer months especially in these areas?

  4. What is my budget?  This helps in prioritizing projects and the best design to meet your budget.

  5. Are there certain plants or colors that I don’t care for - or any favorites I would like to incorporate?

  6. How much lawn vs. planting beds do I want?

  7. If you’re looking for hardscape, what kind of materials do you prefer?  Stones, boulders, gravel, etc.