February 2019 Newsletter

It's beginning to feel like spring here at GSCO! All winter merchandise has been packed away and new products are coming in each day at Garden Supply Company.  


Although most of the plants in our gardens are sleeping in February, signs of spring are starting to emerge. The change from the beginning of February to the end of the month is profound in the garden and it is now time to start your cool weather vegetables from seed.

Spring blooming bulbs will begin to make their way to the surface, pansies will rebound (don't forget to fertilize!), the smell of winter Daphne is in the air and our hellebores are looking beautiful.

Don't forget your Valentine! Especially if he/she is a gardener.

Finally, we always encourage our customers to take a good look at their gardens in February, as the "bones" of the garden are evident. Take stock of your evergreens, ornamental trees, and statuary as these are the building blocks of a garden. We are here to help you with plant selections any time of the year, especially in February.


February in the Garden

-NOW is the time to spray trees and shrubs with a dormant oil to control mites and scale.

Prune trees, shrubs, both ornamentals and fruit. Prune knock-out roses. 

-Do NOT prune spring blooming plants, like azalea, dogwood, forsythia, redbud or rhododendron. These should be pruned AFTER they bloom. 

-Don't forget to water if we have a dry period. Plants and pots still need moisture, even if it is cold. 

-Check flower beds for plants that may have "heaved", or uprooted due to weather.


Replace mulch.  This is the perfect time before plants begin to appear.

-Check outside plants and trees for damage from both weather and animals.

-Rejuvenate holly bushes with a hard pruning.

-Start seeds of cool season vegetables and flowers. 

-Prepare your beds for annuals and vegetables by tilling and adding compost.

-Check out your garden tools and get them ready for spring.

-As you begin to see your daffodils peak out from the ground, fertilize them with a good bulb fertilizer, like Espoma Organic Plant Food for Bulbs. 

-Towards the end of February, begin to fertilize those pansies for nicer blooms.

-Plant Trees. Now is a great time to plant while the trees are dormant.

-For fescue lawns, between mid February and mid March, you should apply a pre and post emergent to control weeds. You should also put down an application of fertilizer during this time.

-For warm season grasses (centipede, bermuda, etc.), apply a pre and post emergent, but wait to fertilize your lawn until June.  


Pruning in february

Now is the perfect time to be cutting back a variety of perennials. Any of your grasses that look like they are ready for a haircut, give it to them. All old stems on your sedums should be pruned to the ground as well as most of your herbaceous perennials that have seen better days. It's also the time of year to be pruning any of your evergreens that you like to keep short or shaped.


what’s happening at gsco?

Our gift shop is currently undergoing a huge renovation just in time for Spring! New themed areas like Zen, Urban Funk and Farmhouse are coming to fruition! We can’t wait to share the finished product with you. Stop in to get a peek of the work in progress! And, maybe get some interior decorating ideas along the way.

Classes and workshops

  • Saturday Feb. 2 - Create Your Own Driftwood + Air Plant Class, 10-11 am.

  • Wednesday Feb. 6 - Create Your Own Driftwood + Air Plant Class, 10-11 am.

  • Thursday Feb. 7 - Create Your Own Driftwood + Air Plant Class, 6-7 pm.

  • Saturday Feb. 9 - Beekeeping 101: Level 1, 10 am-12 pm.

  • Saturday Feb. 9 - Beekeeping 101: Level 2, 2-4 pm.

  • Saturday Feb. 16 - Beekeeping 101: Level 1, 10 am-12 pm.

  • Saturday Feb. 16 - Beekeeping 101: Level 2, 2-4 pm.

  • Wed. Feb. 20 - Seed Starting 101, 10-11 am.

  • .Saturday Feb. 23 - Seed Starting 101, 10-11 am.

  • Wed. Feb. 27 - Create a Whimsical Fairy Garden, 10-11 am.

  • Thursday Feb. 28 - Create a Whimsical Fairy Garden, 6-7 pm.

    Please check out our website calendar for more information on tickets and class information.


An example of what you can look forward to creating at our air plant + driftwood class!