"Fall" In Love with Nomad Boots


"Fall" in love with Nomad boots!

"Fall" in love with our new collection of rainboots for the gardener by Nomad designs. Each pair is as unique as you are from the blinging embellishments to the simplicity of the floral themed inspired motifs by North Carolina artist M. Nicole van Dam. These boots are sure to inspire any gardener this fall to grab a trowel and make way for cabbages and pansies alike in their beds - but we think they transition fabulously into any wardrobe this season. Slip them on with your favorite denim jeans or pair them with our coordinating womens knee high socks by Sock it to me. This combo will prove to be a winning giftable for your favorite green thumbed friends! p20130929_153941   20130929_154201   20130929_162427