jack o'lanterns

Oh my gourd! History of the Jack-o-lantern on Halloween

Oh my gourd! History of the Jack-o-lantern on Halloween

The season for tricks + treats is upon us! Kids of all ages can’t wait for candy and costumes. Pumpkins, spider webs and ghosts adorn front porches everywhere; and haunted houses and scary movies are the preferred form of entertainment for many this month. But why exactly do we have these traditions?

Let's Take a Walk

Come take a walk with me through the Greenhouse.  There are LOTS of new goodies arriving daily that will brighten your homes, celebrate the upcoming change of season, and put you in the mood for a little holiday fun. I've brought my camera along.  Let's see what's new together.

This is just the beginning of the new treasures to see down at Garden Supply.  If you're in the area, stop in and say hello.  We'd love a visit from you. Remember, also, we would be happy to mail you a goody or two from the Greenhouse if you can't make it in soon.

Thanks so much for dropping by today!  I'll be back before long with more snippets from the garden.