Redwing Heteropterys Glabra

JC Raulston Arboretum Choice Plants

 At Garden Supply Co. we are constantly striving to bring you the highest quality plant materials, perfectly suited for our tough Piedmont area growing conditions. That's why we are so pleased to be able to offer to you a selection of Choice Plants from the JC Raulston Arboretum.

Mrs. Schiller's Delight Viburnum-Garden Supply CoMrs. Schiller's Dwarf Viburnum- Garden Supply Co.

Choice Plants are superior selections of new and underused plants for the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic from the JC Raulston Arboretum landscape trials. Plants are chosen for their adaptability, beauty, and overall garden worth. All Choice Plants are grown by local nurseries in a collaborative effort between the Johnston County Nursery Marketing Association and the JCRA. The first selections became available just last fall, with more plants coming soon. We are so excited to have two wonderful Choice Plants available for you this spring.

Mrs. Schiller's Dwarf Viburnum

Mrs. Schiller's Dwarf viburnum is a tough, but beautiful native plant perfect for any garden. It makes a small, neat mound without pruning and is topped in the spring with masses of white flowers. Plants are very drought tolerant once established.

Mrs. Schiller's Delight Dwarf Viburnum-Garden Supply CoMrs. Schiller's Dwarf Viburnum- Garden Supply Co.

Mrs. Schiller's Dwarf Viburnum grows to about 3' tall by slightly wider. The plant covers itself in clusters of white flowers in April but will often begin flowering in fall and continue sporadically until spring. Flowers are followed by red fruits which become black and are highly favored by birds. In milder winters, Mrs. Schiller's will remain mostly evergreen, although the leaves make take on slightly purplish tones after frost.

Redwing Heteropterys Glabra

Redwing Heteropterys Glabra is an unusual vine originating from South American. It has lovely gold flowers from late June until fall. Flowers are quickly followed by red, wing-like fruits which appear alongside the flowers for an unique multicolor effect. Plant is perfect for training on an arbor or growing as a wide-spreading low shrub.

Redwing Heteropterys Glabra- Garden Supply CoRedwing Heteropterys Glabra- Garden Supply Co.

Redwing is a woody vine that will grow up a support or through the lower branches of small trees or large shrubs. Without support, it will make a mounded, shrubby plant with branches weaving through its neighbors. Young plants will often die back to the ground for their first couple of years in the garden but once established the stems will stay green during all but the coldest winters. Established plants are fairly drought tolerant, although Redwing will be more prolific in a slightly moist, well-drained soil.

The multi-hued flower and fruit display make this a worthy candidate for any garden. Although not in bloom until the end of June, here is tiny peek at the blooms and fruit taken from the JC Raulston Arboretum.RedwingRedwing Heteropterys Glabra (source)

For more information on Choice Plants and the best plant options for your landscape, stop by the garden center. We're here seven days a week to help with all your gardening needs.