Planning a private paradise: Landscaping tips for privacy

Privacy is hard to come by in many neighborhoods around our area but we've got a solution for that! Plan your own private paradise this fall. It's the best time of year for planting trees and shrubs that will create a sense of natural wonder and privacy in your yard. 

While we tend to think of spring when we think of gardening, now is really the best time for landscaping. In the spring and summertime, plants are busy producing fruits and blooms and don't have as much energy to devote to establishing strong and sturdy roots and we haven't quite reached the true cold of winter so now's your chance!

Want to know about a few of our landscaping favorites? Try one or try all of these trees and shrubs in your yard for maximum coverage from the outside world.

  • Crippsii Cypress is one for the books. Do you think 12 feet is tall enough to keep your space to yourself? We love this evergreen especially for it's wispy, yellow spray which provides an interesting contrast to the other greens in your yard.

  • Nellie Stevens Holly Tree takes the cake for one of the tallest holly trees we carry. These quick-growers can reach up to 20 feet tall and naturally grow in a pyramidal shape but can be maintained as hedges as well.

  • Christmas Jewel Holly Tree is a nice addition to any landscape and one that you'll especially enjoy around the holiday season. It's one that will grow about 10 feet tall and provide you with gorgeous red berries that are beautiful when trimmed and placed in live arrangements and Christmas wreaths.

  • Loropetalum is one you've definitely seen before. Loropetalum comes in many varieties but all provide great contrast that gives the perception of depth in your landscape because of their leaf color which ranges from deep purple to ruby red. There's a shape, size and shade for every border in your yard.

  • Emerald Arborvitae is a keeper if you're really looking for a buffer. These pyramidal evergreens grow a whopping 15 feet tall!

  • Natchez Crepe Myrtle is an ornamental tree we like to suggest to provide a little contrast. While it won't provide you with so much of a buffer down at the trunk, its upper-half will do just that all spring, summer and fall. Watch for gorgeous confetti-like, white flowers from around June to September.

  • Fatsia (otherwise known as Japanese Aralia) is one of our favorites for shadier areas in the yard because they grow about six feet tall, look tropical and yet they survive the winter temperatures just fine.

  • Azalea bushes are a Southern staple. While we mostly think of them in the spring when they produce gorgeous bell-shaped flowers in all shades of pinks and purples and whites, these beauties also keep their bright green leaves all year long and come in all sizes.

  • Podocarpus (also called Shrubby Yew Pine) makes for a great barrier between you and a busy street or your not-so-favorite neighbor since it grows well as a hedge and reaches up to eight feet tall.

  • Japanese Holly Trees are known for making great hedges. There are many varieties. Some grow only two feet tall while others can reach up to six feet.

Not sure which trees and shrubs are best for your landscape? Visit us anytime and speak with one of our gardeners. Or, if you already know you won't have the time to plant your own trees and shrubs, book a landscape consultation with one of our experts.