Loropetalum: A landscaping staple

Have you heard? Fall is the best time of year to plan and plant your landscape. Why? Because the milder conditions are just right for plants to concentrate their energy on establishing roots rather than budding, blooming or existing in the heat of summer or frost of winter. So while the timing is right, we wanted to be sure you knew about one of our landscaping staples––loropetalum.

So what does it look like? Loropetalum is the ruby red hedge you can see in the photo above. You're bound to have seen this plant before but it might not have looked exactly like the hedges that border the Garden Supply Company's property. 

Loropetalum (also known as the Chinese Fringe Plant) is a low-maintenance native to Asia and a member of the Witch Hazel family. Most loropetalum shrubs are close to the color in the photo above but there are just about more varieties of this plant than we can count. Some have more purple foliage, others are closer to the dark pink side and some are even variegated. But no matter which variety you choose, you'll be sure to have gorgeous foliage all year long and beautiful fringed pink, magenta or red blooms in the Spring. Take a look below at some of our favorites:

Crimson Fire is one of our top-sellers. It grows two to three feet tall and wide. Its leaves are a beautiful shade of red which look great in landscapes and provide a nice contrast to other green foliage in container gardens.

Ruby can grow a bit taller than the Crimson Fire at about three to six feet and has burgundy foliage. 

Dark Fire is a deep plum color that carries red blooms in the Spring and Fall. It grows about three to four feet. 

Zhuzhou is the perfect variety of loropetalum if you're looking for a landscape border or privacy hedge. It's a fast grower and can reach six to eight feet in height. 

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