Fresh From the Farm, Flower Power Perennials

Fresh from the farm is a great group of power house perennials.  heat tolerant and sun loving, deer resistant with blooms from late spring through fall.

yarrow pink grapefruit

yarrow pink grapefruit



Grandmother was a gifted master gardener and her yard was full of Yarrow outling the peremiter of the vegetable beds around by her prized Tea roses and sprinkled throughout.  This was not because it was her favorite cutflower, but because it is a work horse of a companion plant.  Naturally it repels some insects and attracts many of the ones you desire like Lady bugs, which love to snack on pesky aphids and other predatory insects as well as butterflies.   Placing dried yarrow under door mats is another trick to keep the bugs at bay.  We have several different varieties including 'Pink Grapefruit,' 'Strawberry Seduction'  and 'Pastel Series.'

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is considered an especially useful companion plant, repelling some insect pests while attracting good, predatory ones. It attracts predatory wasps, which drink the nectar and then use insect pests as food for their larvae. Similarly, it attracts ladybugs and hoverflies.[17] Yarrow is a must have companion plant for every garden, I just planted my vegtable garden and rig

salvia suncrest orchid glow

agastache orange nectar

agastache grapefruit nectar

salvia lyrata purple knock out

nepeta little titch

agastache apricot nectar


yarrow pinkgrapefruit

salvia suncrest golden girl

agastache grape nectar

agastache golden jubilee

agastache blue fortune