Easy to Grow Garden Fruits

Gardening is extremely rewarding when you get to taste your creations. For those looking into gardening healthy foods, soft fruits are a solid starting point. Some gardeners like to start with berries and work their way up to larger, sweeter fruits. Beginners wishing to work with smaller berries can start with small containers before transitioning to full-size fruit trees.

So, are you ready to put down those weeds and start growing your food?

Let's get straight to it! 

1) Strawberries

Strawberries offer flexibility when it comes to usage and durability. They fit in well with a variety of seasonal dishes and maintain their flavor all year long. A strawberry's ability to thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments make it a fan favorite. They only need to be planted once and are easily movable when frost hits the ground. Ever bearing strawberries are popular because gardeners can get two harvests a year (June and late August/early September).

2) Pineapple

Pineapples are surprisingly easy to grow when planted properly. When ready, cut the crown off of a pineapple. Next, soak it in water for a day or two. Lastly, place the pineapple in a  gallon-sized container and place it under direct sunlight. It is that simple! Let it soak up the sun's rays and within no time, you will have yourself a delicious pineapple.

3) Tomatoes 

Shocking twist, I know. But yes, Tomatoes are considered a fruit. Like other small berries, tomatoes are often raised in a container. Tomatoes need more room to grow because they expand quickly and need a strong foundation to support their weight.

4)  Watermelons

Watermelons can grow outdoors or in a large container. Some people prefer to use a container because the vine often has a mind of its own. A vine left unmanaged can spiral out of control and wrap around other plants. If you are considering growing watermelons, keep in mind, they need a lot of water and direct access to sunlight to grow. Artificial sunlight or a comfortable living space next to a window will suffice.