Four Easy, Low-Maintenance Shrubs and Plants For Your Garden

Have you struggled with memorizing complex plant care routines recently? If so, consider adding these four easy, low-maintenance shrubs and plants to your garden. The following garden items will grow and thrive independently, which is great for someone who does not feel comfortable watching and maintaining plants daily. 

Barberry Shrub

A barberry's thorns and unappealing taste help prevent some unwanted guests (deer and smaller herbivores) from entering your garden. For best color, plant these shrubs in the spring. Barberries will thrive when fully exposed to sunlight during its early stages of growth. Also, remember, barberries need to be surrounded by moist, well-drained soil and fertilized again, in spring. 


Peony, a bright, smooth flower, is deciduous. For best results, plant them during the spring or summer months. Let them soak up sunlight in the morning, and then move them into a shaded region of your garden if the outside temperature rises too much. Peonies prefer to be surrounded by high-quality, well-drained soil mixtures, which include compost and other natural ingredients. Some variations of peonies can reach a height of 30-36 inches.

Ribbon Grass

Ribbon grass, a deer-resistant perennial, which develops quickly, naturally prevents the spread of damage from erosion. While they look great in direct sunlight, their colors may fade if left uncared for in an abnormally hot climate. Some versions of ribbon grass can grow to be 24 inches tall and 24-48 inches wide.

Canna Lily

Canna lily, a bright, vibrant rhizomatous perennial, can produce giant flowers. Just place the bulb into the ground once the threat of frost has passed, then water, tightly pack mulch around its base, and watch it grow. Once the canna lily blossoms, try to keep it moist for as long as possible. If you forget to water your canna lilies, don't sweat, surprisingly, they can survive in the event of a missed sprinkler session.