September in the Garden

September is nearly here, which means gardening is quickly becoming more enjoyable. Less heat and humidity, fall colors blossoming all around us and warm treats, will arrive shortly. Now that it is safer to partake in gardening activities again, we have compiled a list of exciting recipes and a maintenance to-do list for you to follow. We look forward to revamping our supply of garden tools and plantable items, and so should you.

You may be asking yourself, what should I plant? During the fall months, fresh, vibrant vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, kale grow well. They are fun to watch evolve and are delicious in lean meals. Also, seasonal mums, asters, ornamental cabbages/kales and beautiful pansies are arriving in batches and are expected to sell out quickly. They will instantly increase the overall attractiveness of your garden until next spring.

In September, we recommend smoothing out all patches of soil and applying fertilizer to prepare for future aeration and overseeding projects. Apply a hefty supply of fertilizer once a month, for three consecutive months, for the remainder of the year. We recommend only applying a brand of fertilizer that is high in Nitrogen.

Check on any perennials you planted earlier this year. They grow tall and wide, which can be problematic for neighboring plants and herbs. If your garden gets too crowded, feel free to dig up any perennials and build them a new home. If perennials are well protected, they should survive until the end of fall. 

Bugs and insects will be sticking around. Some will flee when temperatures drop, but a majority of them will be sticking around, cozying up in and around your precious cargo. Not all of them are harmful, but do carefully look for damaged goods, and fix the situation accordingly, in a timely manner. If you are ever unsure about an unusual growth pattern, abnormal coloring, or an unidentifiable bite mark in your garden, bring a small sample to us, and an experienced gardener will help you understand the problem at hand.