Five DIY Garden Projects

Did you know that there are endless ways in which you too, can make your garden look amazing without breaking the bank? That's right, from do it yourself (DIY) wall planters to elaborate, elegant walkways, you'll be sure to find the perfect gardening activity to suit your needs. Here are five DIY garden projects for you to try this month.

1) A stone border to guard your precious plants and vegetables.

Per Jenna Burger Design, you first purchase an abundance of edge stones (usually found at your local home improvement store) and then line them up one-by-one around the perimeter of your garden. Finally, tightly pack them together with mulch. There are no special tools required to create a stone border.

2) Build a walkway for visitors.

From Ohio Thoughts, you can save your grass and plants from having to endure excessive foot traffic by piecing together wooden beams with concrete. Keep in mind, digging is required to craft the desired slope, so you may want to recruit some extra labor to complete this project. A detailed installation guide can be found on Ohio Thoughts' website.

3) Add some bright, cunning lights to your garden.

Outdoors lights are almost always both aesthetically pleasing and super helpful when natural light is limited. Once the sun goes down, it is dangerous to be walking around without an adequate source of light. There are numerous DIY light projects, which again, can be found at your local home improvement store. Lowe's has an easy-to-follow installation video on their website.

4) Dust off and clean an old walkway.

Sometimes brushing the dirt off of an old walkway and cleaning the creases can greatly improve the look of your garden. Best of all, it's much cheaper than building a new walkway. Per Rain on a Tin Roof, you will need a container of sidewalk cleaner, a gallon (minimum) of tank sprayer, a large brush, and a water hose. You will start by brushing off the dirt and slightly wetting the walkway with warm water.

5) Divide your property into sections with a berm.

Berms, small mounds composed of fill dirt and soil, can be used to highlight certain areas of your garden and protect precious cargo. They look natural when kept at a height of 2-4 inches. Plus, at that height range, the grass surrounding the berms can easily be mowed. You will need a garden hose, spray paint, sod cutter, shovel, fill dirt, clay soil, topsoil, boulders (optional), and mulch. SFGATE has a great step-by-step installation guide on their website.