Five Tips for Protecting Your Beloved Garden

To some, July is a wonderful month for numerous reasons. Schools out, fireworks light up the sky, pools are open, amusement parks are flooded with energetic tourists and refreshing drinks are flying off of the shelves. While humans have access to amenities and shelter to keep them cool when temperatures become unbearable, plants usually don't have that luxury. They are forced to stand tall and fighting through the dry, humid air. 

Be honest, how often do you thoroughly inspect your garden during the month of July? Probably not very often, right? It may be too hot or you are busy traveling the world. Understandable, but we recommend seeking out some assistance from a nearby gardening buddy. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your precious plants reach their full growth potential. We want your garden to shine when the light gets dimmer. Here is how you, too, can protect during the scorching summer months. 

1) Now is the perfect time to clear out any dead, injured or permanently damaged flowers to make room for new prospects to grow in.

2) Look out for snakes meandering through your garden during the quiet times of the day. We recommend you stock up on snake repellent and have one container loaded and ready to use just in case an unexpected slim, but scaly intruder sneaks onto your property. Consider checking out the organic repellent from I Must Garden, which is made with botanical oils and several other completely natural ingredients to avoid harming yourself or your plants.

3) Looking to add some flavor to your garden? Trellis’ for vines are looking exceptionally healthy this time of year.

4) Protect your bedding plants and vegetables with an extra layer of healthy fertilizer during the warmest and driest months of the year to prevent them from losing too many nutrients. Plant-Tone, a premium organizer fertilizer product, is a great brand to try.

5) Don't terrorize the bees! Once you can look past their (somewhat) frightening looks and odd buzzing sounds, you will quickly realize they don't mean any harm. Besides, they help plants to grow up big and strong. If you must spray chemicals, it is best to wait until later in the evening or after sunset.

We wish you the best and hope that you and your garden have a happy summer. Come by and see us if you have any additional questions. An expert will be happy to help you protect your beloved garden during your battle against the heat waves.