How to Grow & Care for Ageratum

Ageratum also known as floss flower, is native to Mexico. Ageratum houstonianum is among the most commonly planted ageratum varieties. Ageratums offer soft, round + fluffy flowers in various shades of blue, pink or white - with blue being most common. 

Ageratum is a low-growing, low-maintenance annual that blooms all summer in sun or part shade with little care. These small mounding plants tolerate dry + infertile soil once established. Small button-like ageratum flowers are produced in clusters on these plants. 

Although different shades of blue are the most common color of ageratum, pink + white selections broaden the color scheme and allow gardeners to mix and match ageratum with a wider variety of plants. 

 Ageratum range in height from 6-24 inches. They look particularly attractive along the front edge of a border of annual or perennial plants + in containers with other taller annuals. Butterflies love to hang out on patches of Ageratums. Interestingly, Ageratums are also drought tolerant + deer resistant.

Ageratum are not fussy about the soil condition if it’s well-drained. Ageratum plants grow from seed or from small seedlings found in garden centers. More than 60 cultivars of the blue ageratum flower are available, often reaching only 6 to 8 inches when fully grown. The wild ageratum is a taller specimen that reseeds abundantly, but most available seeds are from hybrid types. 

Popular varieties of Ageratum offer a range of blue colors and include the following cultivars: 

Hawaii - This type has blooms of a royal blue. It flowers early and is one of the most long-lasting of the species.

Blue Mink - This cultivar has flowers in a powder blue color and reaches 12 inches in height.

Blue Danube - A variety that reaches just 6 to 8 inches and features blooms in a medium blue shade.

Growing Tips

Keep plants well-watered and weeded once transplanted. Although they can tolerate dry conditions, young plants need moist soil to get established. Pinch back the growing tips of young plants to stimulate them to branch out and form a bushier plant. This will lead to more flowers. Deadhead the flowers to keep them blooming all summer and for a tidier appearance. 

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