DIY Summer Wreath

Since May is almost going to end - it is time to start getting ready for summer - the most wonderful time of the year! So, let’s start with a fun and simple DIY Summer wreath for your front porch + prep your home for the season in style. Make a wreath which is super easy, affordable + pretty darn cute.


12″ wood “hi” cutout - you could also use a large wooden initial to make this - which you can find at GSCO or any craft store.

Grapevine wreath + Any Floral stems (You can find at GSCO)

Hot glue gun

Wire cutters + Wire



  1. The first step is trimming your floral stems, so you’re left with just the top sections. You only need it to be long enough to stick through the wreath.

  2. Once that is done just start placing the stems around the corner of the wreath. Focus on one side of the wreath only because you will have to use the wooded “hi” cutout on other side. They should all go completely through the wreath so you can see the stem on the other side.

  3. Be creative + plan for how you wanted the flowers to line up. Also add bits of greenery from the floral stems which you already purchased. This will make it look a little fuller. Simply use a hot glue gun to secure all the floral stems and greenery in place. Then trim off any excess from back side of the wreath.

  4. Next add in the “hi” cutout Wood. If the cut is unfinished, give a quick coat of white paint on it before you get started. Then simply lay the cutout on other side of the floral on the wreath + use two pieces of wire to secure it in place. Super-duper easy. Just make sure it’s nice and tight by twisting the wire together on the backside of the wreath, then tuck it back up inside so the wire is out of the way.

  5. If you don’t like the color of the wire around the “hi” cut-out, blend it with the white paint to give that extra good look. This will be a pretty cute + fun little wreath for the front porch this summer and it is so insanely easy to do.

Keep in mind you could do this with any wooden initial from the craft store instead of the “hi” cut out. Just do whatever your little heart desires. Either way it’s super simple and quick.

Now, if you need more ideas for DIY projects and want to get creative + inspired with making your own beautiful wreath decoration for the season at home or want to get it delightfully customized by professionals – Stop today by GSCO + select and enjoy from our huge  beautiful collections to get started.