DIY: Fresh Spring Floral Arrangement 

DIY projects are always fun to do! What makes spring floral arranging really amazing, is using fresh blooming flowers from your own garden to make your home look fresh, fashionable, and fabulous. 

Test out this easy DIY project and design your own cost effective, gorgeous flower arrangements by pairing humble housewares with plants from your garden.



Watering Can / Vintage Canister or (Any Vase of Your Choice)

Wet Floral Foam

Flowers from your own Garden

Scissors + Water



1. Soak the wet foam in water until it won’t absorb any more water. If your can/ canister is water tight, adding a little more water to the bottom is nice, but not necessary if you have a bumpy transport + if you discover the can leaks. The foam will hold enough water to keep the flowers fresh for days, and a little more can be added later if needed.


2. Make sure to trim each flower stem to ensure it can uptake water. Also, strip all of the lower leaves.


3. If you have a same type/color flower, a simple mounded shape makes a cute bouquet. If you are working with a mixed bouquet, try + make a simple base from filler flowers and showcase the fancier ones by letting those stick up higher.  Don’t fret about it. Flowers in themselves are pretty, if you don’t overpack them. If you end up with too many flowers, simply toss the rest in a vase.


4. No matter how your arrangement comes out, everyone will love it because nothing feels more appropriate for spring than a home filled with beautiful flowers!

If you’d  like to try to DIY your own attractive flower arrangements at home from your own garden, be sure to stop by GSCO + pickup some beautiful plants from different collections of our spring flowers [both annuals and perennials can be used for arrangements!].