Poinsettia perfect: How to keep your poinsettias alive all year

The holiday season might be in the rearview for now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep our poinsettias thriving! These beautiful red, yellow, white + even hot pink beauties can add color to your home all through the spring + then bloom again next holiday season. Plus, you’ll have something to cross off your shopping list for next Christmas. So what do you have to do to keep your poinsettias alive through the following holiday season? Check out these tips.

Native to Mexico + Central America, poinsettias love warm + cozy weather! They love to stay between 65 + 75 degrees, and you might end up with leaf drop if the thermostat goes much lower. They do best with direct sunlight while they’re still in bloom, but keep in mind they’ll need to be away from cold or drafty windows. Keep the soil moist while they’re still in bloom, never allowing it to fully dry out.

When April hits, remove your poinsettias from direct sunlight + allow them to get slightly drier in between watering.

About a month after moving your poinsettias to a cooler location, cut each stem down to roughly 4 inches so that next winter your plants will have full, lush foliage. Water them well + move them back to their full-sun location. This is a good time to feed your poinsettias as well—fertilizing in the spring will help ensure a full plant in the winter! Keep in mind that it’s best to fertilize while the soil is moist to help prevent plant burn.

When October arrives, your poinsettias will get a little needy for about 8 weeks. It will be worth it! It’s important that your poinsettias get a full 12 hours of undisrupted darkness each night + that they’re brought back into the sunlight during the day. Some gardeners even choose to cover their plants with a cardboard box from about 5pm until 8am to help ensure no light seeps through. Though your poinsettias may feel slightly high-maintenance for a couple of months, it will all be worth it when their bright red blooms are in full force by the holidays!

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