Ultimate care guide: Fiddle leaf fig tree

Summer will be cooling off soon so it’s the perfect time to bring your outdoor jungle indoors. If you’re looking for a large, luscious, bright green tree to invite a modern yet bohemian touch into your home, the fiddle leaf fig tree is the perfect houseplant for you! The Ficus lyrata is incredibly popular in interior design and for good reason! This big-leaved beauty will bring lots of life to your home. Check out the best ways to care for your fiddle leaf fig tree this season.

Placement. Find a spot for your fiddle leaf fig where there’s lots of bright, indirect sunlight. These trees grow best when they have lots of light but don’t necessarily have sunbeams hitting its leaves. Find your fiddle leaf a home away from air vents or drafty windows so they aren’t near cold or direct air.

Since these trees are so tall—they can grow up to 6 feet or taller—it’s important to rotate the plant every few days or so. They can begin to grow lopsided toward the light, so with regular rotations your fiddle leaf will stand tall!

Water. Fiddle leaf figs do need to be watered regularly, but not too much! Native to tropical climates, these trees like to be watered thoroughly, then allowed to dry out again. When the soil is dry to the touch, you can water your houseplant again. This might be once every week or so. With rich, well-drained soil, it will be easier to regulate your fiddle leaf’s water intake and let your tree thrive!

Other care. Fertilize your fiddle leaf fig once a month or so, but don’t worry about it during the winter. Wipe your houseplant’s leaves regularly. They can experience dust buildup, which can prevent your tree from absorbing light and thus keeping it healthy. You can also expect to repot your fiddle leaf fig once a year or so, typically using a larger container each time so the roots have room to grow!

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