Mum’s the word: How to care for your chrysanthemums this season

As summer comes to a close we’ll start to lose our bright warm weather blooms, but that doesn’t have to mean the color party is over! Mum’s the word! You heard right—chrysanthemums are the perfect plant for adding color back into your home or garden that can last late into the fall! So what are the best ways to ensure your mums thrive this season? Check out these tips for taking care of your chrysanthemums.

These beauties can be found in colors ranging from creamy white, light yellow, orange, and bronze to lavender, bright pink and red. They flourish in well-drained soil. If you’re planting them outdoors, make sure the area is free of red clay, and don’t be afraid to add compost!

Mums love bright, full light, but they don’t do well in the heat, so wait to plant them outdoors until summer heat is over. They can thrive outdoors through the end of fall or until the first frost comes, so consider this when deciding on planting them outdoors or putting them in a container for your home. Of course you can always bring them inside before the first frost hits, and you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Always water newly planted mums thoroughly so they don’t wilt. They’ll then need about an inch of water each week.

With Pom Pom mums, Spoon mums, Spider mums, and even mums that look like daisies, there are so many different types and varieties to choose from! Many are short with full, thick blooms, while others—like the Single + Semidouble—grow anywhere from 1 to 3 feet in height. These tall, daisy-like mums are perfect for growing along a garden fence!

Are you looking to brighten your garden this fall or add a little more life to your home? Stop by GSCO. We’re happy to help you choose the perfect mums this season!