Bring the jungle inside: How to care for your African violet

Summer is winding down, and that means it’s time to bring your outdoor jungle inside! Native to tropical climates, African violets make perfect houseplants. These violets can be found in colors ranging from white, pink and mauve to blue, lavender and deep violet. With slightly furry, deep green leaves and brightly colored blooms, these small plants will look great in any windowsill!

Because these beauties are native to jungle climates, they thrive indoors. They do really well in warmth and humidity, so be sure to keep them away from air conditioner vents as the cold blowing air can dry them out.

African violets love being near windows or under office lights, but they don’t do well in direct sunlight. Because these plants are low-growing or cascading and relatively small, they do really well in hanging planters or on windowsills. Their furry leaves will dry out and curl up if they get too much direct sunlight, but they do love bright, indirect light. In the cold winter months, you might move them away from the windowsill as they chill easily.

These plants are perfect for small pots with drainage holes, and they love porous potting soil with peat moss and white perlite. Keep your African violet moist by watering it often, but avoid leaving it soggy or completely dry. You might place your violet in a dish of water to let it soak up just enough without wetting the leaves. This technique can also help keep the humidity high enough for your plant.

If your African violet starts to outgrow its pot, you can propagate it! Simply snip a healthy leave from the middle of the plant and place it in a little glass or dish of water without letting the water fully cover the leaf. After roots begin to form in a few weeks, move the plant into potting soil and keep it moist. You’ll have a brand new African violet soon!

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