When in drought: Succulent care

Summer weather can make it tough for some plants to stay hydrated and thrive, so it’s important to choose plants that can really take the heat. Native to areas prone to drought, succulents require very little maintenance. If you’re on the hunt for a low-effort plant, succulents are the way to go! Whether you’re still working on your green thumb or you just love the modern, southwest vibe that succulents create, these plants are perfect for making any space look a little more like home. Keep reading to check out tips on how to care for your succulents!

 1. Choose containers that drain easily. Terra cotta pots are great for proper drainage. Though we love the way succulents look in mason jars, it’s important that the water can drain properly as succulents are not fans of wet soil. If overwatered, they can rot or contract diseases.

2. Use succulent-friendly soil. Succulent soil contains quarter-inch particles of soil, helping water fully drain and allowing the soil to dry.

3. Give your succulent sun! Native to climates with dry heat, succulents thrive with at least half a day of sun. They do go dormant in the winter, however, and are happy with much less sunlight.

4. Go easy with the water. Succulents like to be watered thoroughly, but they don’t like to be watered often. Be sure to water directly onto the soil instead of just misting their leaves. Typically, they like to be watered heavily once a week or so, but always check to make sure the soil dries in between watering.

5. Choose the right succulents. Some of the best + easiest succulents to start with are Jade varieties, Zebra plants and Echeveria. These are great for indoors and incredibly drought tolerant.

Thinking some sweet succulents would be a good fit for your home? GSCO has tons of beautiful options. Stop by today to check them out!