How to handle the heat: Vinca care this summer

When summer hits hard and we start to feel like the heat is unbearable, imagine how our plants feel! Summer heat—particularly in the South—can be tough on so many plants. Not to fear, though! Because vincas are native to Madagascar, they thrive even on summer’s hottest days!

Ranging anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet tall, vinca will fit in perfectly almost anywhere in your garden. There are also trailing varieties that look beautiful in hanging planters or seated on a brick retaining wall. Make sure your vinca has plenty of sunlight—full sun is best—and that it’s planted in well-drained soil.

If you’re looking for something bright that will provide lots of color to your garden, vinca is definitely the way to go. With pinks, purples, reds + whites, you’re sure to find the perfect vinca to accentuate your garden. These drought tolerant flowers are great in containers and flowerbeds alike and are extremely low maintenance!

Vincas really only require water once their soil has completely dried. Watering in the morning is best to give the soil a full day of sun to dry—this helps to prevent fungal growth. For this same reason, if your vinca is planted in a partially shaded area, make sure it has good airflow. If the area is stuffy or overly humid, there’s a higher chance of mildew forming on the plant.

You might fertilize your vinca once or twice over the summer to help them continue blooming. With proper care, you can expect beautiful bright blooms through the end of the fall season!

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