Bring the outdoors in: Cactus care + other houseplant beauties

Summer heat can be pretty sweltering, especially in the southern part of the US. This can mean many outdoor plants won’t survive the drought. So why not bring the outdoors in? Check out these tips on cactus care + houseplants that will be a perfect fit for your indoor jungle!

Native to areas with heavy drought, cacti like to live in pots with well-drained soil. Mixing one part houseplant soil with one part sand can give them the drainage they need while also providing them with nutrients. Choose a container that will drain quickly as well.

It might go without saying that it’s best to choose the sunniest spot in your home for a cactus. They’re used to the heat and full sun, so this is where they thrive! A windowsill that gets tons of direct sunlight is perfect.

A good rule of thumb is to water your cactus once a week or so, although they may need it more often in the summer and less often during winter. When you do water your cactus, make sure to do it fully. They’ll retain the water you give them to stay hydrated!

Looking for other indoor options to compliment your cacti? Check out these houseplant beauties that we love!

Snake plants are deep green in color and add the perfect amount of height to any indoor oasis. They’re low maintenance and are great for areas of your home with indirect sunlight.

Monstera deliciosa is big, bold and tropical! This plant needs a good amount of space in your home so that it can fully thrive. These also work well in indirect sunlight.

Pothos plants are beautiful trailing plants—perfect for hanging planters or a bookshelf. Allow their soil to fully dry between watering, and place them in a low-light area of your home.

Inspired to create your own indoor jungle? Stop by GSCO. We have plenty of stunning houseplant options, and we’re always happy to help you choose the right ones for your home!