Vibrant verbena: How to grow + care for your verbena this season

If your garden is filled with tall flowers, verbena is the perfect perennial to compliment their height. There are many different varieties of verbena, but the most commonly seen are low to the ground. They’re great for cascading over rock walls, trailing out of large containers or being used as ground cover. They’re drought tolerant, making them an ideal plant for summer. You can also expect to see beautiful blooms all season long! Keep reading to find out how to grow and care for your verbena this season!

This perennial is available in endless varieties and colors, giving your garden the sea of color it deserves! You can find verbena in shades of white—Babylon White, Peaches and Cream, Summer Snow, and Quartz Silver, which has a hit of lavender. It’s available in luscious shades of red, such as Aztec Red, Fuego Red, Tukana Scarlet Star, and Temari Patio Red. It’s also available in Fuego Pink, Lascar Burgundy and Temari Bright Pink. Fuego Dark Violet, Imagination, Suberbena Large Lilac Blue, and Superbena Pink Parfait are shades of purple and pink verbena.

With no shortage of variety and color, verbena is sure to find its perfect place in your garden! Verbena loves sun, and the sunnier the area is, the less susceptible your plant will be to mildew. Choose soil with proper drainage to avoid root rot—especially in southern areas where red clay is more prevalent.

While verbena doesn’t enjoy incredibly moist conditions, it doesn’t love to be under-watered either. An inch or so of water once a week is a good rule of thumb. Fertilizing once a month is also a good idea to keep the flowers blooming and vibrant. With monthly feedings, your verbena will likely bloom from summer through late fall, or whenever the first frost comes.

Verbena is the perfect addition to a butterfly garden, as butterflies love to feed off of them. They are also deer and rabbit resistant, so you won’t have to worry about wildlife eating their beautiful blooms!

Thinking of growing your own verbena? Stop by GSCO. We’re happy to help you find the best option for your garden!