When life gives you lemons say, “thank you”: 8 fun facts about adding lemon to your diet

A powerful little citrus fruit, lemon can compliment almost anything in the kitchen. Not only are there endless options for how to incorporate lemon into your meals, but there are also countless benefits. Check out these 8 fun facts about adding lemon to your diet!

1. Lemon juice is incredibly detoxifying. Lemons are packed with antioxidants that help to flush out toxins and completely cleanse the body!

2. Boosts metabolism. Citric acid is important in metabolic function, so drinking warm lemon water in the morning can actually help boost metabolism and control weight.

3. Improves digestive issues. The fiber in lemons can help with digestion, but you’ll need to eat the pulp and skin to get those benefits!

4. Boosts your immune system. Packed with vitamin C, lemons are a great way to keep your immune system strong.

5. Helps prevent kidney stones. The citric acid in lemons has been shown to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

6. Controls blood pressure. Rich in potassium, lemons have been proven to help reduce high blood pressure if eaten regularly.

7. Keeps you looking young. Lemons have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to keep you glowing!

8. Freshens your breath. The acid in lemon juice is great for neutralizing odors—in your home and your mouth!

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