Let’s get tropical: Say hello to hibiscus!

Summer is just around the corner, and along with the heat we welcome hibiscus! Tropical plants are perfect for warm weather + humidity, plus these brightly colored blooms bring life to any garden—literally! Want to know more about this Hawaii state flower and how to care for it in your garden? Check out some fun facts and tips on growing your hibiscus this year!

Hibiscus can be found in almost any color imaginable—from shades of white, pale pink and peach to red, orange, yellow, and even purple. Originally there was no specification as to which hibiscus Hawaii’s state flower was. It was until 1988 that the native yellow hibiscus was chosen to represent the state. In Hawaii’s older photos and postcards you’ll actually see many different colors of hibiscus, particularly red.

Though hibiscus love warm weather, afternoon shade will provide them with a nice break during the hottest part of the day. Planting your hibiscus in a container is a great way to be able to move it around not only with the sunlight—six hours a day is ideal—but also as the time of year changes. When summer comes to a close and the weather gets cold, bring your hibiscus inside so that it can thrive all year long!

Watering regularly is important when you’ve just planted your hibiscus as well as while it’s blooming. In the colder months, it only needs water as the soil gets dry—overwatering when the weather is cooler could cause damage or even kill your hibiscus.

Nutrients are particularly important for your hibiscus while it’s blooming during warm weather. Slow release fertilizers are great to use once a month, or a diluted fertilizer once a week.

These tropical beauties are easy to care for and will add so much color to your garden!

Do you have questions about planting your hibiscus? Stop by GSCO. We’re happy to help!