Help create communities built on hope: Get to know Roc Solid Foundation

One of the greatest things about gardening is being able to satisfy our need to get outside and play! If you’ve ever had or known a child with cancer, you’ll understand how important it is for them to be able to do just that—play. For this reason, Roc Solid Foundation is a charity that is near and dear to our hearts at Garden Supply Company.

Roc Solid Foundation’s mission is to build hope for children battling cancer and their families. Their aim is to offer these amazing kids the opportunity to do what they do best—play! More than 30 years ago Roc Solid’s founder, Eric Newman, was diagnosed with liver cancer at age three. Incredibly, he fought hard and survived, and has been in remission ever since. Unfortunately though, he did lose two cousins to pediatric cancer. He knew something needed to be done.

Eric turned his passion for helping kids with cancer into Roc Solid Foundation in 2009. They’ve been making a huge difference in these remarkable children’s lives ever since. Roc Solid provides Ready Bags to families at the hospital that include toiletries, a blanket, a prepaid debit card, a journal, a tablet and more. Not only do they want families to have everything they might need for an unexpected stay, but they also want them to know they aren’t alone. For younger kids, Roc Solid’s Play It Forward initiative builds custom playsets in their backyards. For the older kids, they complete entire bedroom makeovers!

We at Garden Supply Company know how important being outdoors really is. It’s a huge part of our lifestyle, and Roc Solid Foundation really pulls at our heartstrings because of that. We’re so excited to be able to help build a playset for them in June!

Are you interested in learning more about Roc Solid Foundation, donating to their cause, volunteering, or sponsoring a Play It Forward project? Check out their short video below to learn more about the Power of Play!

Check out their video here to see more of what Roc Solid is all about and #WhatHopeLooksLike.

Click here to find out how you can help build hope in your own way!