Feeling lucky? Go green this spring with fresh new grass

Could your lawn use a little TLC after such a cold winter this year? It might be time for new grass. We typically recommend planting grass in the fall, but it isn’t too late! There’s still time to get a lush green lawn if you start planting now! Garden Supply Company has everything you need this spring to go green!

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to test your soil’s pH level. Even with ideal grass seeds, your lawn could end up looking pretty dreary if the pH is off. The good news is that we have soil test kits at GSCO that make this incredibly easy! Testing your soil will help you know how you might need to amend it for optimum results with grass growing.

We also carry all types of grass seed, so we’ll be sure to find the perfect grass for you. St. Augustine and Bermuda work really well in warm climates and thrive off of full sun, so these are commonly seen in the south. No matter the seed you choose, make sure to keep it moist until there’s a good amount of germination. It can be a little trickier when temperatures rise as there’s less natural water in the air, so keep in mind your seed will likely need a little extra love!

With so much rain and snow on the ground this winter, there’s an influx of ground moss growth. Moss can begin to invade and ultimately kill grass, so it’s important to get it under control as soon as possible. MossMax kills moss quickly and helps revive grass back to its deep green hue!

GSCO also carries tons of fertilizers to keep your lawn thriving all year long. If you’re just now starting to plant seeds, check out these organic Espoma products to help you go green with ease!

Their Spring Lawn Booster is perfect for early spring, providing long lasting nutrition to your grass and preventing weed seeds from germinating. The All Season Lawn Food is also great to use right away. The Bio-tone Microbes help make nutrients more available for your lawn as well promote deeper roots and healthier soil structure.

As June approaches, Espoma’s Summer Revitalizer is perfect for keeping your grass fresh and healthy. It contains 2% non-staining iron, which aims to turn yellow lawns back to green!

The Fall Winterizer is strengthened by potassium, helping your lawn recover from a summer drought. Feel free to start using this fertilizer anytime from late summer through November. Not only is it vital in the recovery process, but it also prepares your lawn for a deeper greening the following spring!

Are you ready to make it happen? Stop by Garden Supply Company to learn more about the process and pick up any products you’ll need to go green this spring!