DIY holiday cheer: How to create your own live wreath

We live for DIY projects (especially) during the holiday season! There are few things that create more holiday cheer than getting your hands dirty + making your own decor. This season we’re making our own holiday wreaths with live greens! Want to try it with us? Check out this easy DIY project that will have you feeling just a little bit jollier!

You’ll need:

- wire or straw frame
- green floral wire
- wreath pins
- pruning shears
- wire cutters
- gardening gloves

To make:

1. Gather all of your materials, grab your coat + head outdoors! This is where your own beautiful garden plays a huge role. Grab some cuttings from your own evergreens to make more use out of your trees + shrubs. Boxwood, fir, spruce, juniper, pine, holly, magnolia + cedar are all great options. Any unique pieces like curly willow, cotton branches and holly are perfect for adding in as well.
2. Clear a space outdoors or spread newspaper out on a table inside, and get ready to create something special! Before you start decorating, add a piece of floral wire to the top, back of your form so that it has something to hang from when you’re finished.
3. Grab your frame + start from the top. Take three to five different pieces of greenery in your hand and place them onto the frame with the needles facing upward. Pin them about one inch about the base of the stems.
4. Continue with step 3, overlapping with each grouping of evergreens so that you begin covering your form.
5. Add final touches like your twigs, branches or bow.
6. Hang on your door + enjoy!

Want to create your live wreath with us at the store? Be sure to check our calendar and register for one of our workshops today!