‘Tis the Season! Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Home

Halloween is over which means it’s finally time to start thinking about Thanksgiving + all of those fantastic December holidays! As we say goodbye to pumpkins, bats + spider webs, we can welcome in lush garland, ornaments + tons of holiday cheer. Want to deck the halls the right way this year? Check out these tips for decorating your home this holiday season.

Start big. Find great spots for all of your favorite larger, eye-catching decorations. After you’ve got your most important items where you want them, start to decorate around them with your smaller pieces.

Keep it simple. Have an idea of the style + color palette you want to work with. If there are larger elements you’d like to incorporate, style the rest around those pieces. If there’s a common element amongst your decorations—whether it’s a color palette or texture—then you can still keep things funky without cluttering your space. Less is more!

Go green. Whatever your color palette might be, lush greenery here + there will accent any style or theme. Get creative with your garland!

Dim the lights. Low lighting really pulls in this rich, cozy ambience that we all crave during the holidays. Consider getting plug-in dimmers for all of your bright lamps.

Get creative with your wrapping. Wrapping paper with cool textures or prints is a great way to add a little life underneath the tree. Magazines + newspapers work really well, and you can always add a unique bow or ribbon to the top for even more flair.

Have fun! These are the holidays we’re talking about! Get the entire family involved + let your creativity run wild! If your heart is in it, you’ll know you did it right!


Want to get festive with GSCO? Stop by tonight for our annual Christmas Open House! You might even pick up a little decorating inspiration while you’re here!