Monkey business: How to grow your monkey grass this season

Cool weather is creeping in, and now is the perfect time to consider some new additions to your garden. Monkey grass is a great, low-maintenance form of ground cover. It’s also perfect for bordering flowerbeds or the walkway to your front door. Monkey grass also provides color through the winter, ranging from deep greens to lighter shades of green.

Now is the time to plant your new cool weather landscape before winter arrives! The sooner you plant, the better, so that there’s plenty of time for the roots to fully establish before cold weather sets in.

Monkey grass can also be referred to as mondo grass, Ophiopogon japonicus, though there is technically another type of monkey grass as well. This plant loves filtered shade and well-drained soil. Mondo grass can range in height anywhere from to 2 to 12 inches, making it a great choice for in between stepping-stones or lining a flowerbed!

Liriope, Liriope muscari, is another type of monkey grass—although this can also be referred to as lilyturf. Liriopes love filtered sun but can also thrive in full shade. These can grow anywhere from 10 to 15 inches in height so they’re great for bordering tree beds or flowerbeds. Some selections even have lavender or purple blooms, adding a bright pop of color to your green backdrop!

Water your monkey grass regularly for the first couple of weeks after you plant, but after they’re established they require little attention at all. Hand-pull any weeds in your bed or border of monkey grass, and try laying down a couple inches of mulch to help prevent weed growth.

Thinking about adding monkey grass to your garden this fall? Need a little extra help planning your cool season garden? Stop by GSCO or give us a call to set up a Landscape Consultation!