Planning to plant: How to plan your landscape

It might be a little too chilly to do much work in the yard at the moment but spring will be here before we know it. Are you ready?! We are! That's why we're busy planning for it. Want a few tips to help you prepare your own private paradise? Read up on how to plan your landscape below.  

Look. In our opinion, this is step is the most fun! Now is the time to go window shopping. By that we mean it's time to grab your Southern Living, Architectural Digest and Better Homes & Gardens. It's time to scroll through Instagram and Facebook. Circle, print, cut-out, screenshot all of the things you love and want to see incorporated in your own property. The idea here is simply to get your thoughts flowing. What kind of look are you going for? Do you see yourself surrounded by flowers that remind you of an English garden or are you hoping to go for something a little more on the minimal side? Do a little research. It's also a great time to swing by GSCO to check out our evergreen trees and shrubs. All that is green now, will stay that way year-round. Seeing your options in person is the easiest way to visualize!

Learn. Once you do your dreaming, it's time to take a little reality check. How well do you know your plants? Some of those that you love just might not actually make sense for your yard. Consider the amount of sunlight your yard has and do a little research to see if the plants you picked will thrive on your property. Not so sure how to find out? Visit us! We're happy to help.

Listen. No matter how green your thumbs are, it always helps to talk to a professional about what plants will do best in your landscape. The winter is the perfect time to chat with one of our designers. 

Think you'd like to have a little extra help with the planning and the installation of your current or revised landscape? Our team of experts is ready to help. Schedule a landscape consultation with us and one of our designers will visit you at your home or commercial space to help you draft a plan.