Easy peasy sssnake plant care

Baby, it's cold outside and that gives us all the more reason to bring the outdoors in. That's why we called on our friends in Florida and had a huge shipment of houseplants delivered. While mother nature tends to take care of your outdoor plants for you, potted plants that grow indoors can be a little tricky because with them you have to take on that role. Don't want all that hassle? We've got just the plant for you––the snake plant. 

Snake plants (also called mother-in-law's tongue or sansevieria) are hardy plants that don't need so much light or water. That's why you've probably noticed them in retail stores, office spaces and in interior design. While they're easy to care for, snake plants are still super sleek and stylish. They'll also help to purify the air! So how do you care for your snake plant? Just follow these few steps. Easy peasy!

  1. Pass the pot. Choose a pot or container that allows for good drainage. If your pot doesn't have a hole in the bottom, this could allow for root rot and bacteria growth. If you notice any standing water in the saucer, be sure to dump it.

  2. Mix it up. Use a soilless potting mix if possible. This will help with drainage and make it less likely for the mixture to harbor bacteria and fungi.

  3. Find your place. Finding a home for your plant is easy. Where do you want it? Chances are wherever that is will do just fine. Indirect light is best but these plants are tolerant of most any light conditions.

  4. Forget me...not. Snake plants don't need much attention. They'll probably be better off if you just about forget about them than they would if you treated them like a plant pet. When the soil is dry to the touch, it's time to water them. They do not need watering as much as your other indoor tropical plants and trees. Avoid wetting the leaves of your plant when watering. Your snake plant will do best with a little less watering in the winter season.

  5. Feed me. Fertilize seasonally with all-purpose plant food.

Want a little extra help finding the right house plant for your indoor space? Have additional questions about indoor plant care? Stop by. Our gardeners will be happy to help you.