Prepping your landscape for Irma: 10 things to remember

Whether Hurricane Irma makes landfall in our area or not, hurricane season will stay hot and heavy through November 30 so it's a good idea to know what to do around your home to be sure you're safe. Either way, it looks as though the Triangle will still see quite a bit of rain and damaging winds so let's play it safe and prep your home and landscape for Irma. Here are 10 things to remember while preparing your landscape for Irma:

  1. Trim dead or damaged limbs from trees and shrubs in your yard that may fall and become airborne during the storm. If your waste disposal company won't be back for pickup until after the hurricane hits, be sure to bag or barrel your trimmings and place in a shed or garage until the storm has blown over.

  2. Mow the lawn. In the event of heavy rains and flooding, it may be a while before you can mow again and the shorter the grass, the easier it will be to rake debris from the yard.

  3. Take inventory of your cleanup supplies to be prepared for Irma's aftermath. Do you have gloves, tarps, saws, rope, rakes, pruners, a chainsaw, gasoline and anything else you may need for disaster relief?

  4. Turn off any gas lines for outdoor fire pits or gas grills.

  5. Harvest any vegetables ripe (or close to ripe) for the picking. There's a pretty big chance that with an increase in wind speed and rainfall, this may be the last harvest of your summer veggie garden.

  6. Place any landscaping tools like rakes, shovels, trowels, sprinklers and water hoses in a shed or garage.

  7. Remove the tops of any bird baths that are not permanently affixed to the heavier bases.

  8. Move any lawn furniture, umbrellas, hammocks, hanging baskets and gazing balls to a secure indoor space to be sure they do not become airborne.

  9. If you have a water garden or fountain, be sure to turn the fountain off and keep it unplugged. Potted aquatic plants should be placed at the bottom of the pond until the hurricane has passed. If you have fish in the pond, it may be a good idea to collect water from the pond in a large bucket to keep your fish secure indoors during the storm.

  10. Most importantly, stay safe. No part of your landscape is worth risking your safety. We are still a few days out from Irma's path so take precautionary measure now so you can stay safe indoors during the storm.

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