Nature's confetti: A tree that knows how to party

We like to party. And, by that, we mean with nature. If you're looking for a tree that likes to let loose in the summer too, the crepe myrtle just might be the perfect party plant for your landscape. Why? Crepe myrtles are absolutely gorgeous during this time of year. 

We're sure you've seen them coloring the town with their pink and purple and white frilly blooms gracing the sky like confetti. Some stand tall within commercial landscapes to provide a little extra screening from surrounding neighborhoods and others are a bit more on the decorative, shrubby side. But, no matter the crepe myrtle you choose to plant in your sunny neck of the woods, you'll be thanking yourself (and Mother Nature) during the dog days of summer for the unique and abundant pops of color only a crepe myrtle can bring to the yard. 

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And, in case you didn't already know, this time of year is actually the best time to plan and plant trees and shrubs. During the spring and summer, trees and shrubs are busy expelling most of their energy producing buds, blooms and fruits and don’t have much left for what’s underground. That’s why it’s best to plant trees and shrubs during the late summer and early fall when they’ll have plenty of energy to devote to establishing a strong root system. Plant now and come this time next year, your trees and shrubs will have maximum foliage and will be less likely to develop disease. 

So grab a crepe myrtle of your choosing this weekend and say cheers to nature for being so neat! Happy Fri-yay and happy planting! 

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