It's not just for kids: A fairy garden how-to for everyone

We'd like to make-believe that it wasn't quite as hot and humid as it really is because this kind of heat really isn't the most pleasant time of the year to smell the roses in our home gardens. So that's why we're headed indoors this Saturday (August 19) at 10am for our Fairy Garden Workshop with Anna. 

Fairy Garden Workshop

Saturday at 10 AM - 11:30 AM

Join Anna as she helps you to create a miniature world for the fairies! Fairy gardens are a great way to let your green thumb thrive year round as well as a way to add whimsy and fun to your decor. In this class, Anna will provide you all the information you need to create a fairy garden that will do well in your specific environment! The cost of this class is $25 and covers instruction and soil. All plants and accessories are extra. Space is limited, so be sure to register!

Let's grow from big to small. Take it down a notch. No need for shovels, lawn mowers, mulch or water hoses. All you need is something that will hold enough potting soil to create a miniature landscape. It can be as simple as a large mason jar or as complex as an expensive glass terrarium built for these types of houseplants or you can go green and get creative. We've built fairy gardens in old rusty wheelbarrows, shopping carts and in other containers one might otherwise call vintage clutter. So it's your choice. You can be fancy or eclectic. Whatever floats your fairy garden works for us. 

In case you can't make it to our workshop. Here's the jist of what you'll need and how to create your own fairy garden. While we have all of the supplies right here at Garden Supply Company, what you'll need most is your imagination. Enter the world of magical thinking...

Build your own fairy garden

What you'll need:

  • Container of your choosing

  • Potting soil

  • Rocks, marbles or stones (if you're building your fairy garden in a glass container)

  • Moss

  • Plants (depends on where light

  • Fairy items (theme...arrange on soil to test. once it's where you like start planting

How to build your own fairy garden:

  1. Select your container and gather all of your materials.

  2. If you're using a glass container, you'll first want to add your rocks, marbles or stones to the bottom of your container to create layers and also to help with moisture levels within the soil.

  3. Add a thin layer of moss on top of the rocks to keep the soil from going into the rocks so that you're layers will stay separated during routine waterings.

  4. Place your soil in the bottom of your container. You'll want to use enough that your plants will have room to spread their roots. The amount will depend on your container size and depth but at least two inches of potting soil is advised if your container has the space.

  5. Now you're ready to begin arranging your fairy garden. This is the fun part! We suggest placing your plants and fairy items on top of the soil first just be sure you like your arrangement.

  6. Once you're satisfied with your placement, begin planting and installing your miniature plants and fairy garden items.

  7. Water lightly and enjoy!