Happy Trailers: All About Mandevilla

No one wants to grow up but some plants do! So what’s the best thing out there for your arbor, trellis or wall? We’re really big fans of the mandevilla. Here's why:

  • It gives your garden a tropical look with bold hues of magenta, pink, red or white and a dark green waxy foliage.

  • It constantly produces new buds and blooms so you'll have color in your garden all summer long.

  • Trumpet-shaped flowers are unique and provide variety and contrast amongst the other flower-bearing plants in your yard.

So how does a mandevilla grow? We've got all the inside info you'll need to know!

Mandevilla Care:

  • First things first! Start of by selecting the proper place in the yard for your plant. Most mandevillas need to receive full sun but be sure to read the label as some may get burned if they receive too much direct light. Once you're found that sweet and sunny spot, it's time to dig a hole. (You can always plant your mandevilla in a container too!)

  • Give your vine a support system. Be sure it has something to grow up!

  • Mandevilla are tropical vines so they like a decent amount of moisture but their roots (like most plants) do best with well-drained and fertile soil. To encourage more flowers, add Plant-tone and soil conditioner while planting.

  • What's that? You want more flowers? We heard that! Feed once every week or two with a high phosphorus, water-soluble fertilizer.

  • Keep the soil moist without overwatering. If it rains, let nature do it's work. Otherwise, take at look a the soil. Give it a feel around the base of the plant. A little dirt won't hurt. Water as needed.

Easy peasy. Right?! Now it's time to give it a whirl. We'll see you soon! Don't hesitate to grab a gardener while you're here with any other plant care questions.