Dads and their Dramms: Gardening gift ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day Sale!

We are honoring dear old dads everywhere with a special sale this Saturday, June 17th through Wednesday June 21. 

This sale will include:

30% off tropical including: Mandevillas, Bougainvilleas, Dipladenia and Hibiscus

50% off yellow-tagged Statuary items

20% off all vegetables

25% off all wax canvas beer totes

20% off all Classic Flexrake wood-handled gardening tools

20% off all temperature gauges and wall clocks

Or, consider creating a Father's Day memory by planting something that will last long after the day is over. Whether it is a special tree, butterfly bush, hosta or Japanese maple, think about ways you can create lasting memories together! Dads also love fire pits or even their very own GSCO gift card.  

See you Saturday; bright and early! Happy Father's Day!

*Some exclusions may apply. Sale cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons.


If your dad is like most guys, he's got a collection of tools that fill the garage so full there isn't much room to pull in the old SUV. It takes a real macho man to play with flowers because a true man knows a little dirt don't hurt the soul. So why not pair the two and grab dad a last minute garden gadget for his tool toy chest and make gardening half the hassle and a little more fun. 

We've got to say, dads love their Dramms. That's just one reason why we carry such a large assortment of Dramm watering tools like nozzles, valves, handles and accessories. While you can get tools for watering your summer garden at just about any store with a home improvement isle these days, many of those products aren't built to stand the test of time. Dramm has been in the watering biz since 1941. That's more than seven decades of knowledge and skill that's been put into their product. 

The Dramm brand says it focuses on developing tools that are made with high quality materials that will last an entire lifetime rather than just one summer like the rest of them. And, they come in a multitude of colors. This makes it fun for the kids to get involved in selecting the right shade for dad and to help him while he's outside working too! 

So come on in Garden Supply Co. this weekend. We know there's a chance you've been waiting until the last minute. No worries! We have plenty to go around and the dog days of summer are almost here. By the end of Father's Day, your dad will be out in the garden with his new landscaping tools saying, "Dram, that looks good!"