Oh, (Gerbera) Baby! All about one of our favorite daisies

If you know much about flowers, you know we're not talking about baby food. When we say "Oh, (Gerbera) Baby!" we're referring to some of our favorite daisies. Just take a look at the pretty faces on these babies! 

Gerbera daisies aren't just some of our faves. They're incredibly popular in the florist world. They're ranked the number five most used cut flower in the world just behind the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip. They're a gorgeous way to add pops of color to your landscape and always have the option of picking them for a beautiful arrangement to bring the outdoors in too. 

Gerbera daisies are said to be native to the tropical areas of Africa, South America and Asia. But thanks to Traugott Gerber, a well-traveled German botanist and doctor who was friends with Carl Linnaeus, we've got plenty of these annual beauties to go around here in North America these days.  

Gerbera flower heads range from 7cm all the way up to 12cm. Color is no object when it comes to these annuals. Choose from thousands of cultivars (we're not exaggerating!). Just about every color of the rainbow is hit when it comes to these beauts––from white to yellow to pink and orange and red and every color in-between. Some even have a bit of an ombre look with multiple shades on each petal and others have more than one tier of petals if you're into additional texture. So grab yours today as a gift to yourself and the family. We're sure they'll make you smile. 

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