In living color: Changing the hue of your hydrangeas

They say not to play with nature but when it comes to hydrangeas, we have a pretty fun experiment you can try out in your own yard. It’s a great way to give the kids a little science project and a lesson on pH too!

Ready to change the color of your Springtime shrubs? Here’s how…

1. If you’re purchasing new shrubs, be sure to select a Mountain or French hydrangea. These are the most common types carried at garden centers that have the ability to change hues easily. 

2. In these varieties, the color of the blooms change naturally due to the pH of the soil. So this is where you can step in. Simply decide what color you want and from there you can determine how to change the pH yourself.

3. Got the blues? You’ll need to make the soil more acidic. Simply sprinkle half a cup of sulfur onto the soil just beneath your hydrangea and then water to allow the sulfur to sink in. You can look of Endless Summer Color Me Blue on the shelf or another type of sulfur.

4. Want to be pretty in pink? Your hydrangeas will need the soil more on the side of alkaline. To create alkaline soil, you’ll want to add half of a cup of lime to the soil and then water thoroughly. Look for Endless Summer Color Me Pink or another brand of lime. 

5. If you’re feeling frisky, you can even try to get the soil neutral (pH of about 6 or 7) to achieve combo blooms of both pink and blue.

6. Patience is key in the experiment. Although the process doesn’t take long, you may have to wait a few months to see the results. Monitor your plants and reapply your sulfur or lime to achieve your desired results.

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