Plant Power: Herbs that Heal

Before modern medicine, herbs were considered a valuable resource due to the wealth of medicinal properties they carry. Take a quick look at how some of the herbs we carry heal!

Oregano. We love it on our pizza and in our spaghetti sauce but did you know that oregano also contains two oils (thymol and carvacrol) which are natural antibiotics?  While it's always best to consult your doctor when feeling under-the-weather, scientists claim that in some cases oregano is actually a better treatment for particular illnesses (like giardia) than prescription meds. Want to try a home remedy? Try steeping oregano in water and use it as a foot soak to sweat out a cold. 

Basil. It's another herb that pairs well with most any Italian dish and it's the perfect garnish due to its healing properties too. Add a little to your meals (or cocktails!) to help with inflammation, killing harmful bacteria, help with nausea and even get rid of flatulence. Who knew?

Chamomile. The delicate white flowers on chamomile plants mean that this herb kills two birds with one stone. Use chamomile to adorn your garden with small buds and blooms while also aiding in anxiety and sleep. You can create your own chamomile concoction using 3-4 fresh chamomile flowers, 1 sprig of mint and 8 ounces of boiling water. 

Peppermint. It doesn't have to be Christmas time to think about this bad boy! Peppermint is a great healing agent for many digestive issues including nausea, indigestion, irritable bowel, abdominal pain and bloating. 

Sage. It comes from the Salvia family and salvia means "to heal." So it's no wonder that these striking leaves are powerful herbs that heal. Some say that a simple tea brewed with the leaves of sage, honey and lemon can help with memory. It's also thought to help with night sweats and hot flashes and treat most any sore throat or cough. 

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