Ready. Set. Grow! It's Amaryllis time!

Halloween has only just ended and it seems Christmas has already lit up the town. Whether you're ready to think about Christmas or not, we have just one simple suggestion: plant your amaryllis!

Leave the lights behind. You can get to stringing Christmas around the house later. But if you're in love with those gorgeous blooms that only show their big, bell-shaped faces once (sometimes twice) a year, now is the time. Ready. Set. Grow!

Purchase and plant your amaryllis bulbs soon if you're hoping to have bold blooms during the holidays. There are many different varieties of amaryllis. There are the common varieties, large flowering varieties, double flowering varieties and exotic varieties. Since there are so many, it's hard to put a finger on flowering timing but most take about six to eight weeks to grow from a dry bulb to a fully bloomed plant. Check the label on the bulb you choose to best time your blooms for holiday parties or gifts.

So what do you need to grow an amaryllis? Not much! That's why these plants are encouraged for beginning gardeners and children. Of course, even seasoned gardeners love these holiday favorites too. Amaryllis also make the perfect gift because one will continue to give year after year. If you want to make things as easy as possible, drop by Garden Supply Company and take your pick of amaryllis kits that come with everything you need. If you already have a pot or want to customize the look of your potential dining room centerpiece a little more, take a look at our bulbs and go from there. 

Amaryllis kits come with their own instructions. If you're planting one of your own, first, be sure to select a pot with a drainage hole. It should be about one or two inches wider than the greatest width of the bulb and have about two inches for soil underneath the bulb once it's planted. When you've selected the appropriate pot, place your potting soil in the container and moisten a tad to make it easier to work with. Place the bulb in the soil so that the top third remains uncovered. Gently pack the soil around the bulb and water sparilingly until about two inches of growth appears from the bulb and beginning watering regularly at this point. Don't forget about placement! Place your amaryllis in a cool, bright place in the house. Enjoy!

Helpful hint! Once your amaryllis is in full bloom, you may prolong blooms by removing it from heat and direct sunlight.

For additional tips on amaryllis bulbs or other plant care questions, feel free to drop by Garden Supply Company any time. We’ll be happy to help you.