Color your Cozy Spots: Your Guide to Cylamen Care

With snow on the radar, many of our landscapes are looking drab as compared to what they looked like in full bloom during warmer months. Our tendency during these colder days is to stay indoors close the the Keurig in the cozy nooks of our homes. And although coffee and faux fur blankets will do the trick, nothing brightens and warms up the home like bringing in the magenta and red hues of summer. 

Cyclamen come in a vast variety of whites, pinks and reds, are inexpensive, easy to care for and could live up to 20 years if cared for correctly. So grab your own cyclamen from Garden Supply Company to brighten your home and follow these easy steps to keep yours with a green thumb.

Cyclamen Care

  • In nature, Cyclamen do best in cooler temperatures. So your plants will do best in rooms that tend to stay cooler than the rest of the house like sun rooms or rooms with lots of windows. If you're planning on only keeping your plant as long as the blooms last (about eight weeks), you won't need to worry about where you keep yours as much. But if you're looking to keep yours for the long haul (through the dormancy period and into the next blooming season), you'll need to consider your placement. Cyclamen do best in temperatures between 50-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • When your Cyclamen is in bloom, keep it in place with plenty of indirect sunlight.

  • Keep your plant in a well-drained pot.

  • Fertilize with liquid fertilizer once every two weeks while in bloom.

  • Notice if the leaves begin to droop towards the center. If so, you're probably over-watering.

  • Yellowing of the leaves can be caused by too much light or heat. However, the leaves of your plant will begin to die towards the end of the flowers lifespan.

  • Once your blooms have all died, reduce your watering frequency and finally stop watering your plant altogether. Cut dead leaves from the plant. Place the tuber in a pot so that the top of the tuber is still showing above the soil. Set your pot in a cool, darker environment. Sometime between September and December, you should notice the first bit of growth after it's dormancy. At this sign of life, begin caring for your plant as you did the previous winter with water, fertilizer and light.

Looking for additional help or new cyclamen plant for your home? Visit Garden Supply Company! We have a huge selection to choose from and plenty of gardening gurus ready to help.