Pay it forward: A caring community with roots in the backyard

Chances are you don't have to dig deep to bring to mind someone in your life who has or has been diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. Perhaps this person is a co-worker or a neighbor. Perhaps this person is a parent. Perhaps this person is a partner. Or perhaps this person is you. No matter how far or how close your experience with cancer has come, we all can imagine the financial burden this c-word brings with it. 

The good thing is that there is help and there is help right here in our community. It all started when a young, mother of two named Jill Wolford was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 1999. After being faced with overwhelming bills for treatment, her neighbors, family, co-workers and friends came together to help insure that her family's needs were met, her bills were paid and most importantly, that Jill was able to get better.

Two years later, after Jill's treatment was completed, she and her husband decided it was their mission to pay it forward. With humble beginnings, the Wolford's threw a party in their very own backyard to raise money for another single mother who was diagnosed with cancer. And from it's backyard roots, The Caring Community Foundation was born.

Since 2001, The Caring Community Foundation has raised and distributed more than $1.7 million to people with cancer in our community and touched the lives of more than 2,700 families. This Friday, September 10, The Caring Community Foundation will celebrate it's 15th Annual Pay it Forward fundraising event at NOAH's. Last year, the event alone raised more than $200,000. 

With it's backyard roots, The Caring Community Foundation has a big place in our hearts at GSCO. Some of us spend our free time volunteering with the foundation, attend it's events and donate often. In fact, one lucky silent auction winner will receive a special something from Garden Supply Company. We hope to see you there!