Pumpkins are for potting: How to make your own Jack-o-pot

October is here and there aren't many front porches or stoops that won't soon be graced by gourds and bright orange (or white!) pumpkins making way for the season of candy corn, scary movies and children dressed up as cheery princesses or creepy ghouls. And while we love the tradition of carving faces into pumpkins–creepy or cute, we have another idea that might just tickle your Halloween decor fancy. Why not make your pumpkin your fall front porch pot? Here's how:

DIY Pumpkin Pot 

Step 1. Select your pumkin(s) and any plants you'd like to plant in your pumpkin pot. We typically suggest a selecting three plants–a thriller (a grass or another plant with a bit of height), a spiller (a plant that trails out of the container) and a filler (a plant like pansies or mums that will add fullness and color). But for simplicity's sake, placing a sole mum or other medium-sized plant in your pumpkin may be just what you're looking for this season. Just be sure to select plants that are appropriate for the amount of sun or shade your porch receives.

Fall Container Gardening

Step 2. Once you've arrived at home, cut the top off of your pumpkin carefully–just as you would for a jack-o-lantern. Keep in mind that you may want to keep the top to lean on the side of your pumpkin pot for added aesthetic. Scoop out the insides of your pumpkin and throw away, compost or sort through the insides to save the seeds for a baked snack later!

Step 3. Fill your pumpkin close to the top with regular potting soil, take your plants out of their packaging and break up the roots carefully with your hands at the bottom of the root ball. Places your plants in your pumpkin, water often but minimally since there is no drainage system and enjoy!

Think you could use some help selecting the best plants for your container garden? Join us Sunday, October 9 from 2-3:30pm for our Fall Container Workshop. Bring your own pumpkin or pot or feel free to select yours when you arrive from our shop. Please register in advance online.