Mum's the word: An easy guide to caring for your mums

We have just two days before Fall falls upon us and nothing says Autumn like the warm hues of mums gracing our gardens. So how do we keep our mums happy and colorful? Follow this easy guide.

Easy Mum Care

Location. Location. Location. Just like in real estate, the more ideal the location you can find for your plants, the better. Choose a pot or plot in your yard that gets at least six hours of sun. Plants placed in shadier areas will produce smaller flowers and become leggy looking for sun. 

Dirt that won't hurt. As with most plants, mums do best in a well-drained soil. If you're planting yours in pots, a regular potting soil will do. If you're planting in the yard, just be sure to amend any soil that is composed of heavy clay with mulch. As far as fertilizer goes, your mums probably don't need any until Spring. After cooler winter months, fertilize about once a month with a 5-10-10 fertilizer. 

Watering. While the temperatures are warm, check your mums daily to be sure your dirt is moist. While you don't want your plants to go thirsty, you don't want them to be too wet either. Be sure your containers are well-drained if you have planted them in pots. If you've planted yours in the ground, they won't need as much water as those planted in pots. 

Deadheading. Remove dead blooms often to encourage new growth. 

Pinching for Prime Plants. Do you find yourself getting a little plant envy when you spot those perfectly round mums around the neighborhood? Pinching back is key to a fuller mum. If you're buying yours right now, chances are someone has already done this for you. To keep them looking rounded and spry, come Spring you'll want to start pinching back buds as soon as they appear in abundance until about mid-July. This will keep your plants nice and full by minimizing side shoots and maximize your blooms come Fall. 

Interested in seeing what else we have in stock for Fall? See for yourself in the video below or come see us this Saturday for our annual GSCO Fall Festival for free food, gardening demos, specials, local beer and more!