Four reasons to celebrate National Indoor Plant Week

If you like gardening, you probably also do your best to bring the outdoors in. On the third week of September, we celebrate National Indoor Plant Week not just because we love plants but because of the many benefits that come from those we bring inside to our homes and offices. 

Think you need an excuse to add a little green to your indoor world? Check out these four interesting facts about houseplants:

Natural Air Filters. The indoors is filled with pollutants that come from things like our furniture, clothes, paints and other building materials. They're known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Thankfully, doing something as simple as adding houseplants to your home can remove many of these chemicals. And, it's natural! Phytoremediation is the ability plants have to remove chemicals from the air. Studies by NASA show that houseplants may actually be able to remove as much as 87 percent of the toxins in the air. 

Cold Fighters. Plants naturally increase the humidity levels and decrease the amount of dust in the areas or rooms where they're placed. Researchers from the University of Agriculture in Norway believe that it is due to this that their studies showed a decrease in sore throats, fatigue, coughs and other symptoms of the common cold by 30 percent.

Sweet Dreams. Because plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen during photosynthesis, they can also promote deep sleep. Add a plant to the bedroom and you can say goodbye to counting sheep. Zzzzzzzz. 

Concentrate and Create. Several studies around the world have found that keeping plants in an indoor setting can improve both concentration and creativity levels. If you've got kids in school or if you're hoping to get a lot done yourself, try adding a plant or two to your office space. 

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