Flower power: How to make fresh cut flowers last longer

There is no greater gift we can give ourselves than the flowers we pick from our gardens. And while we love to gaze at them outdoors, the dog days of summer are here and that means it's time to–snip-snip–take them indoors! Try these simple steps when cutting your fresh floral arrangement for maximum viewing pleasure!

  • Cut your flowers in the morning while the temperature is still on the mild side.

  • Bring a bucket full of water with you so that you can put the flowers in water immediately after they're picked.

  • Don't pinch or pick the flowers with your fingers! Cut with a sharp knife or scissors just above a leaf node at an angle.

  • Remove any leaves resting in the water. No need to keep them if they will be hiding in the vase. The leaves will begin to rot (and smell) if you keep them attached.

  • Once you've collected all of the flowers you wish to use in your arrangement, cut each stem once again under running water prior to placing it in it's final resting place in your vase.

  • Add a dash of sugar and vinegar to the water. This helps to both feed the flowers and keep bacteria from growing in the vase.

  • Choose to display your floral arrangement in a place that's out of direct sunlight.

  • Change the water on a daily basis and, if possible, cut the stems of your flowers every few days as well.

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