Spring with a cherry on top: Three must-have flowering cherry trees

It's the most beautiful time of year. Pastel pinks, rosey reds and pure whites grace our gardens and we can't stop planting more trees and shrubs to fill our yards with even more color. If you're looking to add height and bounds of spring color to your landscaping, now is the time to visit to choose your favorite flowering cherry trees because they're in full bloom now. 

These are our must-have flowering cherry trees:

Yoshino Cherry. For a pure white-pink blossom, the Japanese flowering cherry (otherwise known as the Yoshino cherry) is your best bet. The National and International Cherry Blossom Festivals acknowledge it as the stand-out of all flowering cherry trees. It's fragrant and once the blossoms disappear during the summer, your tree will stand out with darker green leaves.

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry. Want a waterfall of color and love the look of weeping trees? You're going to love the snow fountain weeping cherry! It looks just like it sounds. Think of a weeping willow with pops of pastel pink all over. 

Kwanzan Cherry. Looking for something really pink? The Kwanzan cherry trees are full of hues of pink color. And by full, we mean really full! Kwanzan cherry trees have double and sometimes triple blossoms. Like many genetically modified trees and shrubs, these trees do have limited lifespans but they may still live as long as 25 years which is well-worth planting. 

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